Reasons to Buy Vintage

antique glass knobs

It’s undeniable that buying vintage is as “in” as buying designer, and the reasons for this are more than just aesthetic. Though Mad Men’s popularity may be partially to blame for the upsurge in psychedelic mini dresses and mid-century furniture, many of us have been shopping vintage for a while now–with good reason.

Spend less
While the vintage shops carrying early designer collections tend to carry items with near-modern designer prices, it’s easy to find second-hand shops with completely affordable vintage sections. Seventies-era band tees, maxi skirts from the eighties, and the grunge denim of the nineties (yes, the nineties are now vintage!) can all be found for a fraction of what you would spend on similar items new.

And it’s not only clothes that you’re better off buying vintage. Websites like Etsy and Ebay have made it easier than ever before to fill your home with vintage decorations. Feeling nostalgic for a clock you remember seeing in your grandmother’s kitchen? Find it online and have it delivered to your door. Looking for a new kitchen table? If you shop vintage, you’ll end up with a piece that’s better quality than Ikea, but more affordable than items sold at most other new furniture stores.

Promote sustainability and support small businesses
When you buy vintage, you’re reducing your carbon footprint by making use of things that already exist in the world. Opting to spend money to small, local businesses means you’re not contributing to the mass production practices that can be harmful to the environment—practices that range from toxic dyeing techniques to making substantial contributions to landfills.

When you buy vintage pieces from local stores, you’re taking an active role in sustainability and strengthening the local economy. Plus, you get the chance to develop a rapport with local storeowners. Here in the Lambertville area, there are unique vintage items to find and personalized shopping experiences to be had at Mill Crest Vintage, Night Bird Vintage, Thirteen Vintage, and, of course, Artfully Reimagined.

Fill your home and wardrobe with character
Vintage pieces in your home or wardrobe can also be conversation pieces. Delight guests with items they remember from their childhood, and inspire wardrobe envy when you don a one-of-a-kind vintage piece.

Vintage items come with past lives, and whether or not you know their full stories, their mystique is yet another reason to buy vintage. Hunting for the perfect addition to your home or closet becomes just that—a hunt—when you shop vintage. And when you come across something that calls out to you, it’s all the more satisfying for the effort it took to find. Happy shopping!


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